48 hours Fresh


Your BABY is born!

This is the best NEWS You will ever be sharing with Friends and Family. 

And this is the happiest day of Your life! You have come through birth and You are still emotional about the overall experience You are having.

Congratulations! You are a MOM!

This is the great time to create the very first images of Your newborn Son or Daughter and share the happiness with the people who love and care for You.

We recommend to book Your 48 hours Fresh session in advance- not to miss this precious moments.

As a new Mom  You will be so busy and so excited, that You might just miss this great moment.

Professional Birth and Newborn photographer will make sure to arrive  to Your Hospital on time and create the unique memories for Your Family and Your new Baby.

We also offer great Doula service where we can help You to initiate breastfeeding and make sure Your first days with the baby go smooth. Juts contact us for more details and we will help You to have the most incredible experience with Your New baby!


24 hours Fresh photos can be done at Your Hospital when You and Your family enjoy the first day after Birth.

48 hours Fresh photos can also be created at Home when You arrive with Your Newborn. We can capture those sweet moments of nursing the baby, or having the baby in the cradle.

Photos capturing the older brothers or sisters holding Your newborn for the first time can be the most precious.

We make sure to create those amazing memories of the happiest moments of Your life!

Just give us a call and we will provide detailed information on the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOT and DOULA SERVICE.