Birth Photography


This is the most important day of Your Life- Day You are meeting Your Baby!

You were waiting for it 9 months or may be Your whole life. Your heart is beating fast and yet You feel deeply inside- You are ready.

You are ready for the Miracle of Birth to happen! 

You might be waiting for Your natural labor to start or having a planned C-section.. but You can be sure- this is going to be an incredible BIRTH of YOUR BABY and You deserve the best.

We provide highly professional service- creating the most Powerful Images of BIRTH.  We know how precious every moment can be and we guarantee to be there by Your side giving You Doula Support and High Quality Photography Service, where You do not need to be worried for outcome- nothing is going to be missed.

And with time- You will be able to look though Your Birth Photos and experience all those great feelings and emotions You were going through that day. 

You will also be amazed by how Your BABY  looks like right after Birth. Those precious moments of You first touching Your newborn baby, looking into their eyes, holding this tiny hand and experiencing Your skin to skin contact will be captured by Professional photographer and You can always go through them again and again with some tears of happiness in Your eyes.

We are offering unique combination of DOULA service and Birth Photography. Please feel free to contact us for more details and we will be happy to meet and discuss the best option for You.

Why do You need a Professional BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER to join You during Labor?

You are a first time Mom or do you have kids already? In both cases You know - birth is an important time to concentrate on You and Your Baby. You will need all the attention from Your Partner as well- to help You through the Labor. You might simply forget to take the most precious pictures in Your Lifetime! By hiring a professional photographer You make sure nothing is missed! You can relax and think about laboring process only- and birth photographer will capture the amazing images of You becoming a MOM! Even if Your partner is willing to take pictures during birth, it is hard to find the right spots and right angles to take pictures during labor and hospital light can be a challenge. Do You want to take this risk of missing the most important? Or may be You would like Your partner to fulfill his role and Your Professional photographer will make sure to show his support during the most important time of giving Birth to your baby!

When is the good time to book BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER service?

It is best to book Your Birth Photographer as early as You can due to the limited amount of Birth we can take each month. This will also ensure that I am with You on call 24 hours a day two weeks before and two weeks after Your Due Date.

Will You post my pictures on Your web site? What if we prefer confidential photoshoot?

All photos shared on my web site and social media have signed release form for publication. I respect Your privacy and will make sure Your Photos are confidential. At the same time I offer special discount for You in case You sign the release form and allow me to publish Your photos and inspire future parents with Birth Experience!

When my pictures are going to be ready?

I am taking time to process each photoshoot at the highest level, making sure You have the most incredible pictures for Your Family album. Therefore it may take up to 3 moths for me to prepare Your Gallery. Yet, I know how important it can be to share at least one image with Your family and Friends, and I will be happy to provide it at no extra cost within one week after our Photoshoot. 

How does it look like to have a photographer at birth?

I will arrive to Your hospital within two hours from You call. Please make sure You call me right away when Your labor has started. I prefer to be there from the moment You are admitted to the hospital and will stay with You for the duration of Your Labor (it may take 24 hours and more in some cases). In case of C-section it may become even more important to have Your photographer with You in OR, just because You might not be able to see all the details and I will make sure to capture them for You with love and care. You may need some time with Your newborn after Birth to establish Your first skin to skin contact. This is where You can get the most beautiful memories of Your first touch and first breastfeeding experience. I will normally stay for up to 1 or 2 hours to let the nurse take measure You baby- and You will receive cute pictures of that too! This overall experience is something to remember!

What about the investment?

Please let me know which services are You interested in and I will be happy to provide the details. I strongly believe that every Mom deserves the best Birthing experience, therefore if You are unable to pay the fee please let me know during our conversation and I will be happy to find the best possible option for You.


Please make sure You talk to Your hospital or healthcare provide to have the photographer with You during labor. Even though it is absolutely not a problem in most hospitals, we just want to make sure we respect the space and medical staff  that will help You during labor.