Mother&baby love...

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I love taking photos for young moms and their babies.

With most of the Moms we meet during pregnancy photoshoot and then, we take the unforgettable newborn photos.

What is next? Well, every period of the new life is unique. But mom will always keep the sweetest memories of breastfeeding- it is the time when you and your little baby are so close together.

It is the time when you have lots of positive emotions and your heart is full of Love and Harmony.

This is what I love about these photoshoots. Mom, dad and your little son or daughter- this is Your Story.




This is just the experience you will never forget as a Mom of new baby...

When your child is born, I recommend to do newborn session starting from 5 to 10 days old. That is the perfect time to do it in most comfortable way for your little one. Also with a big chance of receiving lots of lovely great photos of your little girl or boy.


But what happens if for some reason you could not schedule your session in time. Or you could- but just wish to have more of those innocent photos filled with your connection and love?


Period of breastfeeding is the warmest experience of your life. When you and your baby learn how to feel and understand each other without words.. Just by being so close.. Just by touching.  Just by looking into each other’s eyes.

This is so powerful.


Love to see these deep feeling and emotions in photos.

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