Newborn Photography


Feeling happy and proud to be a Mom?

Can't stop looking at Your Baby admiring by how perfect Your Newborn happiness is?!

This is the time to capture the most beautiful photos of Your Daughter or Son! First days after Birth baby is recovering. Both Your and Your newborn need lots of rest.

In couple days, when colostrum turns into milk and You feel more confident with breastfeeding, it's about the time to have You Doula visit You and help You answer to Your questions regarding the best positions for feeding your baby.

It is important to make sure both of You feel comfortable and happy:)

And as You do- we propose to schedule Your Baby's  FIRST PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOT.

As professional photography service with more than 10 years of experience we suggest to schedule NEWBORN Session when Your baby is between 5 to 10 days old.

At this time Your boy or Girl will still take lots of time to sleep during the day and if there are no issues with breastfeeding, it makes it the best possible time for creating most precious newborn images!

During You session- first thing You want to think about it Your comfort and Safety. This is what we stand for!


We offer full professional service where there is nothing for You to worry about: 

-safe posing

-100 % disinfection

-hands on experience 

-time to rest,  feed and change Your baby properly

We offer best available service and beautiful collection of hand-made Props for You to choose from.

Mom will also feel refreshed and beautiful- as provide make up and hair by stylist as well as wide variety of dresses from our collection.

You deserve it all!

For Your COMFORT and CONVENIENCE  Newborn photoshoot can be done at Your home.

We believe this will decrease Your stress and give You chance to enjoy the Moment while we are taking care of You and Your Baby!

To learn more about what is the best time to schedule Your Newborn Session - please contact us and we will be happy to meet and discuss best options for You!