Are you expecting a baby? Getting ready to give a birth?

Birth Doula is here to support You during your journey by providing both online and in-person support.

Our philosophy is different from many other. When you get pregnant You may feel owherwhelmed by so many ways to prepare for labor. You

may question in Your head: Which one is for me? And we are here to help You find this answer and prepare You for YOUR BIRTH just the way



We will provide You an overview on different schools and phylosophis of labor, we will discuss in details your birth preferences and TOGETHER

we will create the BIRTH PROGRAM that work for You and Your Family!

In addition to this You will receive 24/7 online support from YOUR OWN BIRTH COACH.

We are HERE for You!


To walk You HAND in HAND through this exiting JOURNEY!

Our services




✓ Preliminary 30 min video consultation to discuss your birth preferences
✓ 2 prenatal video meetings

✓ Help with creating Your birth plan

✓ 2 weeks of continuous online support (before your due date)
✓ Up to 20 hours of Birth Doula support (from active labor to first two hours after birth)
✓ Postpartum visit and first lactation consultation
✓ Additional hours: $30/hr




✓ Preliminary 1 hour consultation to discuss your birth preferences

✓ Prenatal meeting and creating Your birth plan

✓ Continuous online support 24/7 (up to the date of labor)

✓ Up to 20 hours of Birth Doula support with unlimited calls (from the start of your labor to the first two hours after birth)

✓ 1 hour postpartum consultation online ( to discuss Your birth experience and help You to adjust to the new life with Your Newborn baby)





✓ How to choose the right hospital and the right provider 

✓Which exercises might help to prepare for labor?

✓Which hospital to choose?

✓How to pack your birth bag?


If You have specific questions about how to prepare for Your Birth,

online consultation might be a great option for you.


SKYPE Consultation 1 hour- $50

SKYPE Consultation1,5 hour- $75

Consultation in person 2 hours -$150


I am happy to be a Birth Doula, since I believe that women are not patients at their own birth. I believe women are power. Women are love. Women are universe.


While a lot of times hospital birth leads to many unnecessary interventions, doulas are there to empower women to have their birth their own way. This can be unique and beautiful process. This can be priceless. Since birth has influence on your whole life. The way baby starts to live is tremendously important,

In labor, women too, start their journey as Mothers. The way you are going to feel about giving birth may influence everything in your life thereafter. How do you feel about yourself? How do you feel about your new baby? How do you feel about having children at all?


Any traumatic experience can result in not wanting to have children again, in having postpartum depression, in not believing in yourself… This is a big price to pay!

Interesting fact, as a doula, I have met a lot of women, who had “good birth experience” by healthcare standards. But who sets these standards? As long as it is not you, it does not matter! Your personal attitude to birthing process can vary so much from standard practice.


So how doula can help?

Doulas are not healthcare professionals, they do not check your blood pressure, heartbeat of the baby or even your dilation in labor. And- this is a great news!



We, as doulas, can use all this time to truly learn about you, your birth preferences and expectations, about things that are important for you at birth. Since we are not distracted by so many tasks providers have to think of, all we can think of is You and your feelings. Are you cold, are you scared, do you understand what is going on, how do you feel about every decision that is to be made, how do you want this birth to be?


Doulas are there to comfort you, make sure you have warm socks or soft blanket,  bring you some water when you are thirsty, hold your had or give you a nice massage on your back.

We, as doulas, believe that birth is a special time of bonding for your family. If there is a partner present at birth, we want to provide strong emotional support for him as well. People, who truly love you, may easily get stressed about things at birth, so we want to encourage them to do things that might be helpful or just give extra comforting words of support ensuring that your partner knows that this is a normal process of birth.


Doulas are also advocates for you in labor. We give you the information- valuable instrument that will empower you to make decisions knowing all the negative and positive sides of each of them. As a doula, I strongly believe that there all decisions at birth are important, and that every parent will choose the best for their baby if given the right instruments and if supported in proper way, without being pushed into something.


One other important aspect of doula work is preparation for labor. As a doula, I always take time to get to know you better. Every pregnancy is different and every birth is unique. Even your previous pregnancy can be different from this one. That is why, from the moment you hire a doula, we will create your personal birth plan, I will help you with best exercises to prepare for labor, provide support to the ways of birth you prefer and be there to help you experience this. Even though, there is no way to know how labor will go beforehand, there is still so much benefit to have the experience doula by your side, who will deem the light or assist you in taking shower, help with breathing at birth, position changes for easier labor, comfort measure and relaxation techniques to help you achieve the birth you truly want.


When the baby is worn, the essential support of birth doula is step aside and let you enjoy the golden hour with your baby. Doulas know the importance of skin to skin contact and breastfeeding initiation and will assist you if this is your goal.


Most importantly, what you can expect from hiring a doula, is unconditional support to the things you want. We will provide you with information and powerful instruments to have the experience you truly wish for.