Did You just gave Birth to Your Newborn? And You are wondering if he/she has a good latch? Or Your baby is already couple month old and You have lots of questions on breastfeeding? Do You need lactation support? Or do You plan to combine with bottle feeding?

We are here to support You through this journey!

Our philosophy is different from many other. When you have Your baby, there are so many people around You that may want to give you good

advice or share their own experiences.. And You end up overwhelmed and wondering  if this is the right strategy for You? Together with sleep

deprivation and stress from being a new parent, there is additional stress of making the right choice on how to feed your baby. And this choice is

to be made now. That is why we are here for You! We offer non judgmental unconditional support to the new parents 24/7- just when You need


We will discuss in details your preferences and TOGETHER we will create the SOLUTION that will work for You and Your Family!

We are HERE for You!


To walk You HAND in HAND through this exiting JOURNEY!


Our services



✓ Home visit 2 hours - $250





✓ 1 hour skype consultation - $100




✓ Breastfeeding & bottle feeding support
✓ 1 month of online support 24/7



Client Testimonials for Anna Isaiko


When I got pregnant I decided that I wanted to have natural, unmedicated vaginal birth free of epidural or any other drugs. I started researching on the matter and came across something that’s called HypnoBirthing. It piqued my interest. I’ve learned that with HypnoBirthing I can achieve that and be present in the moment and enjoy the whole process. Sounded like a fairy tale, right! The videos on HypnoBirthing showed completely relaxed moms and if you didn’t know that they were in labor you wouldn’t have guessed it. Luck has it that I found Anna, who is a certified doula as well as a certified HypnoBirthing coach. Anna and I started working on my HypnoBirthing journey. Don’t get me wrong, you do have to do some leg work to get that beautiful birth that you are envisioning. Anna will be there with you, walking you through each step and explaining every little detail, and answering any questions you possibly have. As my husband said “you hit a jackpot with Anna” and I can’t agree more! Having her walking me through my labor and delivery of my baby girl and all the work that we have done before that day has made a tremendous difference. Her friendly personality and ability to make you feel comfortable around her made it super easy to be able to be vulnerable and in a state that no one has ever seen you before, even you yourself.
HypnoBirthing technique will allow you to completely disconnect yourself from what is going on around you. You will be able to place yourself in a state of mind where it’s just you and your baby who are working together in the birthing process. In the end, I had the labor and the delivery that I wanted. I can say with confidence it was beautiful. Anna also helped me latching my baby and I was able to feed her within minutes of her being born. Thank you Anna for making it happen and for your continuing support! You rock! It would not have been the same without you!



We hired Anna as my birth doula, and that was the best decision I’ve made for my pre and post labor needs. As a first-time parents, we had no idea what to expect for the birth and the baby care after delivery, so Anna was there to help us get prepared, and go through it with ease. So without her help, I’m pretty sure I could’ve end up with a C-section rather than a natural birth I had planned to have. She was available for more than 24 hours by my side with full energy and support.Anna was absolutely amazing in helping us bring our baby into the world. So, I would love to recommend Anna to anyone who is looking for a great doula, and I assure you won’t get disappointed!

Shallom Haile


I can't imagine doing it without Anna! I had my first without a doula , so, can definitely say the difference. Anna was so helpful prepping me during my pregnancy and always available to answer questions. I had to be induced at 39 weeks as baby was too big (4.2 kilos when delivered). I went through 45 hours of labor!!! I only got epidural at 35 hours mark - all thanks to Anna. She reduced pain of contractions significantly! She was also able to use spinning baby technique to flip the baby in the right position when the nurse realized the baby is face up (which would eventually lead to C section and severe tears during labor). After that the labor progressed so fast and I pushed under 6 minutes with no tears! It was a miracle given the size of the baby. Anna is truly amazing and so knowledgeable! You can't go wrong with her. 




Anna consulted me online in November 2020, a month prior my son was born. She listened to me very carefully, was very involved (asked tons of questions) and was very informative and helpful. She got me inspired to try VBAC after two ?-sections and helped me understand what questions I needed to ask my OB. Even though Anna was not my doula, her consultation helped me during my labor, and I had a successful nonmedicated VBAC. 



Anna Isaiko has been an absolute delight to work with, she has been there for me every step of my way during my pregnancy and made the whole experience so much easier. Anna has been extremely supportive with every decision I made and helped me stick through them during my labor and delivery. Anna came to my house whilst I was in active labour, helped me through my contractions, exercised and went on a walk with me. She put my mind at ease and knowing that I had Anna, helped me get through my labour pains a lot more easily. I went into the hospital at 9cm dilated and ended up having a non-medicated birth.

Throughout my pregnancy, not only was I excited to meet my little boy, but I was also excited to give birth. Anna made my mind calm and body relaxed throughout this whole process and I could not be any more thankful. She was ready with essential oils, yoga ball, candles etc to make me feel at home and put myself in a position where I am the most comfortable. She is always quick to respond to texts/messages and I knew as soon as I went into labor, she would be there.

My husband also appreciated Anna as it was a massive headache off his shoulders and at times when he did not know what to do, he knew we had Annas unconditional support. Anna helped me write a birth plan, helped me pack my hospital bag and taught me and my husband to exercise for the baby to be in the right position. Anna would always check up on me and my baby, she has been so helpful and I'm more than happy to recommend her to everyone. 



I had wonderful experience working with Anna. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I connected with her during the tough time right after my baby was born. I had lots of questions about breastfeeding and doubts if I'm doing everything right. She answered all of them and provided much needed advices on how to move forward, what's important and what not to worry about. I felt so much more confident to continue breastfeeding after her consultation. She truly knows her stuff, I will continue working with her as childcare brings more challenges in the near future.  

Mariia Frolova


Anna is absolutely wonderful. I had a great delivery, in big part thanks to her. She helped me find a great position to labor in.  Having her there made me (and my husband) feel calm and reassured. Also we were so happy to be supported by Anna during the first couple of weeks of being home with the new addition to our family. So many questions, so many new feelings, and of course so many first experiences .... quite overwhelming sometimes. Her calm demeanor, vast experience, and many answers reassured us that we were doing the right things in taking good care of our little one. She is highly educated and knowledgeable.



Anna helped me to deliver my baby boy in October 2019. She acted very professionally and was a source of valuable support to me and my husband who was also present at the labor.

Anna assisted me in preparation for the baby birth including development of the birth plan; in making important decision during birth process; and - the most significant - she used different techniques to help me to manage pain during the labor. Thanks to that the birth of my son was amazing experience for all our family (even though it was not the easiest labor).

Afterwards, Anna was checking on  us many times finding out how me and baby were doing. She was ready to help with breastfeeding and any other issues. However, Afterwards, Anna was checking with us many times finding out how me and baby were doing. She was ready to help with breastfeeding and any other issues. However, Aiden was my second child so I didn't need any help like that. Just was grateful for such attention because sometimes even knowledge that there is someone who is ready to help you means a lot. 
I highly recommend Anna and wish each woman has the same positive experience with labor as I did.



Anna was our doula for our first baby. I was extremely nervous, but knowing that we had Anna gave us peace of mind for one of the biggest and most significant event of our lives. We met with Anna before deciding to work with her, to get a feel for her energy and learn more about her views on childbirth.  She is extremely personable and helped us feel comfortable right away. She was also readily available via text and phone leading up to our delivery and answered any questions we had. I ended up having the birth that I wanted, and Anna encouraged me to remember my goals and try to stay strong throughout the process, no matter how challenging.

Also she is definitely knowledgeable about postpartum. Anna is experienced and super encouraging!