Birth can be an enjoyable process!


We offer HypnoBirthing®  training– The Mongan Method.

It is all about relaxation during Your labor to avoid unnecessary discomfort and tension. We are here to

help you prepare Your mind and Your body to relax during labor, to breath, to use deep meditation, to

stay calm and enjoy every moment of Birth.

This class is created to teach You how to stay in harmony with your Body, how to relax the muscles that usually

work during labor process, how to decrease Your level of fear , how to use Your birthing instincts and stay calm

through the process of Birth.

Affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute, this comprehensive 5-week childbirth class will teach you how to prepare your mind and body for the birth you were dreaming about!




Our services



5 weeks

✓ Includes attendance for up to 2 persons (a birthing person and a support person).
✓ Self hypnosis and relaxation techniques to prepare Your for Labor

✓ One class per week

✓ Printed materials provided

✓ Fits to Your schedule





✓ Help to implement HybnoBirth technique during Your Labor

✓ Preliminary 1 hour consultation after taking the class

✓ We create Your Birth Strategy
✓ Prenatal meeting and creating the birth plan

✓ Continuous online support 24/7 (up to the date of labor)

✓ Up to 20 hours of Birth Doula support with unlimited calls (from the start of your labor to the first two hours after birth)

✓ 1 hour postpartum consultation online ( to discuss Your birth experience and help You to adjust to the new life with Your Newborn baby)




right for You?

✓ 30 min online consultation to provide info on Hypnobirth

✓ Discuss your expectations and Birth Preferences
✓ Answer to Your questions about HypnoBirth method


SKYPE Consultation 30 min 30$

SKYPE Consultation 1 hour- 50$

SKYPE Consultation1,5 hour- 75$

Consultation in person 2 hours -150$