As smartphone manufacturers continue making improvements in each model, our phones have replaced multiple devices; cameras being one of them. With our phones and digital galleries becoming the norm, the act of creating a photo album seems like a thing of the past. ‘Why do I even need the extra clutter when I can store all my pictures in my hard drive/cloud account?’ you may wonder. 

However, creating leather-bound keepsakes of your favorite photographs may be a practice worth preserving. Here are some reasons you sho

uld consider doing that. 

Digital Data Isn't As Safe As It Seems

Almost everyone owns a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Storing your images on these devices seems more convenient than getting them printed and putting them into albums. Not only can you save millions of digital images without any hassle, but they can be easily shared through social media, emails, and other digital channels as well. Yet, there are various reasons that justify you going the extra mile and getting a few photos printed.

For instance, with so much data on your devices, it is very easy for pictures to get buried in forgotten folders. Additionally, the cloud can crash anytime. Hard drives can fail. You can lose your phone. Either way, you always risk losing your data and with it, precious memories. So having a hard copy of at least your favorite photographs is definitely something you should consider doing.

A More Personal Experience

There is something personal about looking through a photo album and running your fingers over the pictures. The whole process makes it more nostalgic. Curling up with your loved ones on the couch as you reminisce about those memories is an experience worth having.  It is nearly impossible to match this experience by swiping through pictures on your phone or computer.

Family Legacy

Have you ever gone through those old family photo albums safely stored away at your grandma’s place? You get to relive moments that have faded a long time ago. Now, do you think you’d get the same feeling if you were looking through your grandfather’s computer? A photo album is a family legacy that may be cherished for generations to come.


Do you want to start creating your photo album? Get in touch with me, and I’ll work with you to create some beautiful memories for you and your family.