Family portraits have been a part of our history ever since we’ve been able to capture them in some way. It memorizes your tribe, giving you tons of memories to look back on.

However, capturing the best family photos means a little bit of homework on your part as well. If this will be your first time getting your photos taken, the following tips will help you prepare. As for the rest, your photographer will help you figure out the details when the day arrives.

 1. Color Coordinate

 One thing that will affect the whole look of your picture is the colors you choose to wear and how they work with the colors in the background. Imagine if one person is wearing a bright orange and another is wearing a parrot green. The result will be disastrous. However, everyone wearing the same color can be a bit boring.

Instead, try to put a twist on it. For instance, you can choose one striking color and ask everyone to wear one article of that color – such as a scarf or a cardigan. Wear neutral colors for the rest of the outfits to create a unique look.  

 2. Get Creative With The Location

 You don’t have to line against the wall or sit on a long couch for your big family picture. Look for fun textures in the background. You can opt to pose in front of brick walls, cement steps, trees, foliage, etc.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also visit places such as windmills, abandoned buildings, the beach, or mountains. Interesting locations will add more character to your pictures.  

 3. Let Everyone Come up with Poses

 A good family photo session consists of a number of failed pictures. However, these failed pictures can also become memories you end up cherishing forever. A funny pose or random candids can often turn out great!

Let everyone come up with ideas for poses – even your little toddler. In fact, let the younger kids take the lead. They may have some great ideas that you would have never thought of. And even if those pictures don’t turn out to be great, once you do the pose your kids want to do, they will be more willing to participate in the session. It’s a win-win situation.


If you’re looking for a good family photographer in Washington D.C., consider visiting Anna Isaiko. We’ll work with you to create the most memorable family photographs by combining our ideas with yours.  

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