Scheduling a professional photoshoot for your toddler is the best way of keeping their youthful charm alive. Not only do these little balls of sunshine naturally look adorable in pictures, but it gives you a great opportunity to create some memories before they grow up. However, getting them to pose for the pictures can be a different story.

If you’re thinking about having a professional photoshoot for your toddler, here are some things you can do to prepare them. 


Feed Them Before the Photoshoot

Hungry kids are not fun to deal with. Not only will it make the photoshoot process more difficult, but the result may also not be as great as it could have been. Make sure the kids are well-fed beforehand, so they don't get hungry during the photoshoot. You should also bring some of their favorite snacks to the photoshoot. Just remember to not give them too much sugar…the sugar-induced zoomies can also make the photoshoot difficult.

Dress Them Comfortably

Children cannot fake emotions. If they’re not comfortable or happy in the clothes they’re wearing, it will show in the pictures. That huge hair clip or cute bow may seem adorable in theory, but if your kid isn’t happy with it, it won’t be worth it in the end. So make sure your kid is comfortable in what they’re wearing for the photoshoot.

  • Play Pretend Photoshoot Beforehand

It can be hard to sit with your toddler and explain what will happen at the photoshoot. Instead, you can prepare them for the day by making a game where you dress them up and pretend to take pictures. Doing this for a week or so will get your kid used to it and make them feel like they're still "playing" at the actual photoshoot. Not only will it make the photoshoot more fun for your kid, but it may also result in better photos.


Remember that the photoshoot is meant to be fun and exciting for your baby, as well as you. Don’t put too much pressure on the kid to act a certain way. Instead, let them have fun at the photoshoot; this usually results in the best pictures.



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