Whether it’s your first pregnancy or the fourth, it is a magical experience each time. From noticing how your belly grows to making room for your little one to anticipate the day you’ll finally hold your baby, each moment is precious.

This is why you should take a lot of photos to document your pregnancy journey. When you look back at these pictures, it will remind you of a time that brought you so much joy. 

Following are some amazing maternity shoot ideas to try before you deliver your baby. 

  • Close-Up Belly Shot

This one is important. You won’t have that belly forever. And believe it or not, you will miss it when it’s gone. So why not take some amazing pictures of the belly your child called home for nine months? You can show as much skin as you are comfortable with. You can either show your bare belly or pose in different dresses; whatever makes you feel pretty.

  • Include Your Partner

A maternity photoshoot can be a great opportunity for you and your partner to take a break amidst the stress of the pregnancy. So, include your partner and take some creative romantic pictures the two of you will cherish forever.

  • Capture The New Nursery

If you’ve already created a nursery for your baby, a maternity photoshoot is a great opportunity to remember it as it is. Before you even notice, the nursery will turn into a toddler, pre-teen, or teenager’s room. So take this time and capture the nursery while it is still possible.


The most important part of a maternity photoshoot is for the expecting mother to feel comfortable and beautiful. So no matter what you do, make sure it makes you happy. 



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